Monday, September 17, 2007

Exercise, Poetry, and Potpourri!

Exercising is not one of my favorite things to do. If I have a goal in mind or a reason for walking, then it’s not so much a problem. But to walk for walking sake… ehhh, I can do without it.

The other day I was doing some geocaching and discovered a new trail in town that I didn’t know was there. It meanders through the place where the Third Battle of Winchester occurred during the Civil War. I am looking forward to going back there with some water and good walking shoes.

My eating habits have changed for the better, I think. I am trying to keep more in mind that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and I’m not sure He wants to live in a home built from Twinkies! LOL

The verse that has really stuck with me as been the one that says: “You were bought with a price [the blood of Jesus]: therefore honor God with your body.” I really want to do that and I’m working on it!

Something else exciting in the works: I have purchased “The Writer’s Market” for 2008 and really want to start working on some writing to submit. I have a novel in the works that is historical fiction. The story line is centered on my family, specifically my Quaker ancestors who lived and fought during the Civil War.

I also have a student at school who is quite a poet, and she and I are going to work together to find someplace to submit her poetry.

I’m taking part of my planning period at school to post this, so I better finish up before the English class comes in. God bless!


Shelina said...

Our local quilt shop had a deal here that after you pass a certain purchase requirement, you could get a free fat quarter yard of fabric every time you visited the shop. I was excited because I could have a reason to go walking everyday. They discontinued it - you have to buy something to get the free FQ, so that there went that motivation!
I have been behind in exercising too, and was telling myself that I need to get back to the routine. When I had a specific time to do it, then I was more likely to do it.
You are such a great writer, I'm glad you are going to be submitting stuff.

Melzie said...

where is that verse found at?
congrats on the 5 lbs lost! xoxo melzie