Monday, October 13, 2008

A Day off School

Thank you, Mr. Columbus!

But seriously, I am enjoying the day off. We had Friday off too; it was our fall break. At least I didn't fall and break anything.

I am at the local library making this post. I was surprised it wasn't closed today! But I needed to come here to email some stuff from my son's jump drive, so I'm thankful they are open.

I just submitted three sample articles, a cover letter, and a resume to one of the local newspapers, The Northern Virginia Daily. They are searching for freelance writers to cover community interest stories, etc. I am excited about the possibility, because I enjoy writing. When I have an objective to get across, I am usually articulate. (I know, hard to believe from these rambling posts.) I'll keep you up to date on the progress.

Dale graduates from Marine Combat Training on the 21st, and we have not heard from him. Just one brief phone call that must have been on someone's borrowed cell phone. No letters or phone calls, but they have spent 6 days a week in the field training, so I can understand. He will be next going to a base in Maryland for Combat Photographer training. So he may get to be home for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

I am now in a post-migraine fog, having woken up with one this morning. I am blessed that I don't suffer as some do for days with a migraine; it usually takes three tylenol and a healthy dose of caffeine to take it away. But that "fog" hangs around all day. Bleh.

Thanks for reading!

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