Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Blue Jean Quilt

Here I am, with a post about the quilt - and I didn't even take a picture of it yet! I will edit this tomorrow night and stick a picture in.

Each student decorated his own square with sharpies (I know, I know - not the best!) We asked them to use words (nice words!) to describe what The Learning Center meant to them. Most of them drew little pictures too. It is so cool to see the little ones and the big ones working on this.

Let me explain a bit about The Learning Center. We have a room in the modular unit where my assistant and I work with small groups of kids on weak areas. I also teach a small math class (10 kids.) We have small groups for math, language arts, history, and then some independent study kids who work on Greek and Latin. Some come in for study hall and some little ones for reading practice. We never really stopped to think about how many kids we served. When all was said and done, 40 kids filled in squares on our quilt. Then my assistant and I made one each. We are amazed that we worked with that many kids in one day! (Okay, three only come once a week.)

So, I'll post a picture tomorrow. Have a great night!


Shelina said...

Oh this is going to be great! I can't wait to see a picture! I hope you are able to find someone with a sewing machine, so you can piece it together easily. You can back it with a piece of flannel or a blanket. Just tie it or use buttons to secure the layers.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I am eager to see all the blocks... Congratulations to you on seeing this through and for all that you do to help so many! Well done, Carol!