Monday, April 30, 2007

Live and Learn

I have been pretty good on the "honoring God with my food choices" bit. But tonight, our Bible study group went to Ruby Tuesday's. Now, compared to how much food I'm USED to eating, I didn't have so much tonight - a burger, fries and one full plate from the salad bar. But I KNEW I wasn't that hungry (I had already snacked at home) and NOW I'm feeling miserable. Not emotionally - I just have that icky "my stomach is way too full" feeling.

So, I should have listened to my body and only ate what I needed. Live and learn I suppose. My blood sugar will probably be high in the morning too, because I didn't go out and walk that starch off.

Tomorrow's a new day and I will remember the lesson of the evening. Live and learn.

I'm going to try sharpies on the blue jean quilt. I know they're not the best choice - but we're watching the money and fabric paints are out of the question right now. I guess I could check and find my Michael's coupon... I'll try that tomorrow.

(P.S... No one tell those blue jean quilters how much extra cutting I did on those jeans - I cut the legs apart so each pair resulted in four pieces. I did not think very hard about that - but I did cut very hard! Oh well - I'll know for next time... Live and learn!)


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Be careful about those Sharpies "bleeding" into the fabric. Try it on a scrap first.

Mike said...

Hi Carol,

Just a "random" note to say thanks for checking out our blog on my son. I didn't know you lived in Inwood. We used to live in Idyllwood, not too far from your church. Small world!

I'll be honest, I've considered ending the blog because I know it causes animosity with the school, but it's a source of strength for me, and I think it's important to get the word out and raise awareness so these children can get the help they need.

Thanks again for reading.

Shelina said...

I think it is okay to splurge now and then - so you don't feel like you are depriving yourself. Rather than feel bad, you can feel good that you are now learning how to tell your body's signals that you are full.

I think Sharpies would be hard to use, especially for children, since they would bleed. You can try them, wash your scrap and see what happens. Fabric paints and markers aren't really that expensive, (Look in the clearance racks) and maybe if you tell the manager you are doing a fundraising project with the school children ...

Does this mean you are done cutting all the jeans you need? Yeah!