Monday, April 9, 2007

Religion is a sensitive topic to many adults. Wars are fought daily over who is right and who is wrong. We see on TV the consequences of disagreement every day.

But, in the playground of innocent children, such a topic is not so unusual.

This time of year, many churches hold Easter egg hunts, to draw in the little ones and provide some enjoyment for local families. My sister and her husband are neighborhood aunt/uncle (she would kick me if I said grandma/grandpa,) and take several neighborhood kids on outings.

Right before Easter this year, three kids were piled in the back of the Element. J., the oldest at 10, was clearly in control of the conversation. The five-year-old in the middle listened closely to the following exchange.

J., who attends the local Catholic church with his family, leaned over and looked at T., the seven-year old clutching the Easter basket.

"So, T. Are you Catholic?"

The folks in the car grew quiet and my sister eyed the situation in the rear view mirror. Wondering where this conversation might go. Wondering if the neighborhood peace would continue.

As T. thought about the question, her bright eyes shone. "No. I'm not Catholic. I think I'm public."

There are so many ways that conversation could have gone. My sister stifled her giggles. Children are so honest, so open, so willing to suspend the expected to answer the truth.

For a little bit, the car was silent, then the kids began to giggle again.

So, what are you?


Shelina said...

That's a cute story. I guess that makes me private.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I heard a similar story about small children in a denominational conversation. The granddaughter of our Pastor (we are Lutheran) was caught in the middle between two of her friends (they were all about 6 at the time) one Baptist, and the other Catholic. Little Elizabeth thought she was Lutheran but her friends rejected that option, they insisted there were only two choices! Maybe she's public! ;)