Saturday, April 28, 2007

Blue Jean Blues

I'm planning on getting my students at school to make a blue jean quilt for our school auction. I got some used jeans and they've been sitting and waiting for me. Tonight, I started taking them apart. Cutting jeans is hard work!

My co-worker has volunteered to do the sewing, so what's next is finding what to decorate the squares with. Anyone have a great idea of what kind of fabric marker/fabric paint to use on the blue jeans?

R. has fixed the brake line on his car! Whoooo hoooo! We had several days this past week that we had to wake up at 5:00 AM to get to school. Back to a normal schedule next week.

Well, almost normal. This coming week is Apple Blossom Festival here in Winchester, Virginia. When our family moved here 13 years ago, things were a lot slower and I remember calling my sister and saying, "Wow, there are traffic jams in Winchester!" Well, things have grown and there are often traffic jams on the Winchester streets.

But Apple Blossom is a fun time - pageantry and parades and a queen and a princess. Here's a link if you're curious. Apple Blossom Website

The boys like to do the Fireman's Parade, complete with fireworks after it. And we often do the carnival. One of the best things? Friday is considered a holiday and all the school systems are off. Yeah for us!

Tomorrow, we're having a picnic at church and a bluegrass concert. I'm looking forward to that!

Hope you're having a great day!


Shelina said...

Don't be blue about blue jeans! Get a sharp pair of scissors - you can buy a new cheap pair of scissors. It is hard to cut through the seams, but once you get across one - the hem of the pants is what I do - you don't really have to cut any other seams. I just cut right next to the seam line going up the pants, either side. You can buy fabric paint at any craft store - just make sure it says fabric paint. They usually come in a bottle with a narrow tip, so you can paint right out of the bottle. Shake well first. You can buy puffy paint which is fun. Fabric markers come in different widths. You want a width that is wide enough to show, but not so wide that you can't read the words. I think the size of a sharpie (which is not a fabric marker) would be good. Both markers and paints do come in sets, which are cheaper than buying individually as long as you like all the colors that are in the set. Cut a few extra squares for do-overs.

The Apple Blossom Festival sounds like a lot of fun. You are going to be having a great week, except for the dreaded traffic jam.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with for the denim auction quilt, I know it will be wonderful! Shelina had some good suggestions for paint and markers. I remember going with a fellow committee member years ago (1988) to Winchester to hear a pastor preach (we were in search mode for our church) we hadn't made reservations ahead of time because we didn't think the motels would be busy for some reason. We were wrong, very wrong... the Redskins were playing at home and the motels were all FULL. One place ended up renting us a handicap room, thank goodness! I remember the bathroom being quite spacious... to accomodate a wheelchair I suppose. Anyway, I think I remmeber an "Appleblossom Mall". Is that right? We ate dinner at a restaurant there!