Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Life in General

Hello, blog friends (all three of you!)

Life has been interesting in my neck of the woods. Let's begin with school, shall we?

School is a sad place right now. Because of the economic difficulties, we lost 50 students this year. Loss of students = loss of funds. The school board had to make the hard decision to let our support staff (assistants) go. We will miss them dearly, for our school is not just a school; we are a family. These ladies (and one man) are our sisters (and brother) in Christ, and we are hurting for them. We will be making many adjustments around the school, and it means more work. But I am thankful for my job, and I feel all of us are.

Dale is at Combat Training in North Carolina. He enjoyed his ten days of leave with us - visiting friends, playing video games, sleeping in and eating. It was sad to see him get on the greyhound bus to take off, but it's what we've raised him for. When he is finished there, Dale will go for combat photography school. He will be stationed in Maryland for that, closer to us, so we may get to see him for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Joshua is, well, Joshua. I am sitting here having time to type this because HE is sitting at the computer in the same room working on a report that is due - you guessed it - tomorrow. He is becoming a social butterfly, and I love to see him interacting with his friends.

Church activities are keeping us busy. Roger and I are coaching Bible Bowl together ( a Bible quiz team.) This Saturday, we will take a team of four kids to a nearby church to compete with other kids over material from the Old Testament. I played Bible Bowl during my high school years and loved it - I could actually win at something (because it wasn't athletic - LOL!) It's been good for Roger and I to spend time together working on these things.

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