Monday, September 1, 2008

Finding Titles for Blog Posts

Finding titles for blog posts is really a difficult feat at times. It's probably because my mind is bouncing around on so many things.

Dale finished his first day of testing today. He tests for two more days and then Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is the "Crucible." The crucible is 52 hours of very little sleep, very little food, marches with full packs, and general simulated battle situations. Please pray for him. We are looking forward to graduation on September 12 (if Hurricane Ivan doesn't interfere with that!)

School will get into full swing here tomorrow. I am teaching a sign language class on Wednesdays, and I'm looking forward to that. My schedule is now full with supervisory things and teaching. I'm glad - the first week of school was a little quiet in my classroom.

This weekend was Winning at Winchester, a three-day rally at the church where I teach. Singing and lots of preaching filled Friday night, Saturday and Sunday as well. What I enjoyed most was seeing people I haven't seen in a long time - people from the church we used to attend and people who had gone to other churches as well. The southern gospel music was good - it's not something I would buy a CD of necessarily, but I enjoy listening to it live.

So far, I've lost about 20 pounds with my new eating/exercising routine. It's really not about the weight loss, though; it will probably be two weeks before I weigh myself again. Tonight was the first night I really wanted to go back to my old ways and just eat and eat. Instead, I made hot tea.

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