Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday's Come!

Here I sit, on a Friday evening, in front of the computer. Too much stuff going on around me to make a particularly coherent post. So, random thoughts until later...

I was net control for the ham radio net tonight. If you don't know what ham radio is, just think CB's with a larger area to reach. It's a lot of fun and you meet new people. When the tsunami struck recently? (a year and a half ago?) HAM radio operators were one of the front lines of communications when cell phone service and other methods of communication were knocked out. There are times of disaster when the skills and knowledge come in handy.

That last paragraph was almost coherent. So I guess I'm not too bad off. Better not try for any more, though.


Shelina said...

Hey, nobody told me we had to have coherent posts! I didn't sign up for that!
Yeah, it is good to know how to do the old fashioned stuff. Even if it does tell your age.

Shelina said...

You do know that you can post pictures on the blog, don't you? Does your sister know about your blog? I didn't tell my family members for the longest time, and after I told them, still they don't come. It's better that way anyway - I can talk about them and they aren't there to defend themselves!