Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday NIght Fights

No, not really any fights - just me fighting the urge to go to bed. Why, you may ask? It's hard for my brain to slow down at night - too much stuff going on. I think sometimes I just stay up until I'm so tired I have no choice but to fall asleep. I'm not sure. But I did bake brownies and cake tonight, so it's all good.

I decided to add a pic to the blog. These are the two youngest of the clan: Joshua who turned 11 in December and WhitePaw, who is around 6 months old. The kitten is a nut! He's grown somewhat since this picture (and so has Joshua.)


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Precious! All this, plus cake and brownies too? Ah, Life is Good!

Shelina said...

Aw, two cutie pictures of J and none of the D or R. Fancy turned corners on te pic too. Hey your blue window sill is the same color as my blue window sill used to be before I painted it pink! Blue walls look familiar too, but I know it isn't my house 'cause no kitties allowed here!