Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The President, The Hat, and The Chicken

We just finished watching the President's State of the Union address. While I have respect for the office and for the man, I think there is no "solution" that will bring peace to Iraq. The country is in turmoil because the people are in turmoil, and no amount of outside interference - short of invading and occupying Iraq as conquerors - will resolve the situation.

It saddens my heart, because of the men and women in danger's way. My own son is talking of joining the armed services. I have great respect for these men and women - and I know I owe my freedom of blogging to the sacrifice of many. But there is no solution here - there will be no peace. As the Bible tells us, there will be wars and rumors of war. It has been so since the beginning and will be until the end.

I am teaching two history classes now and the more I teach, the more I think about how young our country actually is. Compared to the time the earth has revolved around the sun, the United States of America is a relative newcomer. We can't be the playground monitor for everyone - it's time to define our role and work on our own country.

Okay, that's probably the deepest thing I've written in a while. Hope it didn't scare anyone off.

And now - the Hat. I cannot find a good pattern to crochet a stocking hat for a young man from our church! I have started three and taken them apart. I'm not happy...

The Chicken - put it in the crockpot this morning with a little seasoning. It was nice to come home to the smell of chicken!

Oh, and the Van - it actualy passed inspection!! Whoo hoo! Okay, the ticket will cost a total of $86 but that's life.

Until tomorrow...

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I agree with your comment regarding being the playground monitor... can't help you with a hat pattern, I'm afraid. The chicken (or anything put in the crock pot so that dinner cooks itself)is a marvelous idea for a winter's day, thanks for that. Glad to know you're driving legally again.