Sunday, March 4, 2007

Is anyone else...

tired? I know I am. Of course, it's 10:21 PM and I should be in bed, so I only have myself to blame.

Shelina made a post about her blue jean quilt and she has inspired me. I think the kids who come to my classroom at school are going to work on one for the school auction in May. Handmade items always go well, and when they're made by the kids - that's even better! I think I will have them bring in old clothes that mean something to them and we'll add them to the quilt. Here are directions for the quilt: Denim Circles. I am not a quilter, but we can do some hand quilting on this and I may be able to get some parent helpers.

One way I got some old blue jeans is through freecycle. This is a great way to get rid of your own clutter and perhaps get things you need.

Church was really good today. The sermon was about trials and temptations and how they grow our faith - IF we let them.

Tomorrow, I am going to be at school all day but not in my classroom. I will actually get to do some observations and maybe help some kids out and teachers.

Well, I think I'm rambling so I better get to bed before I forget to put the links in. Good night!


Shelina said...

After this, you can't say you aren't a quilter!
Hand stitching denim seems like a lot of work. You might consider flannel instead.
I like freecycle too! Mostly to give away stuff. But I didn't have any trouble finding my own jeans - and my mom had a bunch. Of course, I've been collecting them for years.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Good luck on your class quilt, yes it will be a popular item for the auction. I have done classroom quilts with children in past years... what fun! (I learned so much from the students!!) Have a great week. And yes, I agree w/ Shelina... if you plan to ever use your fingers again I'd rethink hand quilting through denim...