Thursday, March 8, 2007

Random Thoughts

I haven't posted much this week - it's been busy.

I have a lot of jeans now for my quilt project. I am going to take Mrs. Goodneedle's and Shelina's word for it and not try to hand quilt a jean quilt. I think we're just going to do a personalized jean blanket and have it sewn on a machine for us. We'll see how it goes! We will probably use puffy paints for the kids to decorate their own block. With my luck, I'll hate to part with the quilt and end up buying it back myself at the auction!

We're doing D.'s bday party tomorrow - swimming and male overnight at a hotel. I'll bring J home with me. I decided that it was DAD's turn to do the overnighter thing this year. Although the 3:00 AM Denny's run was kind of fun.


Shelina said...

One of Sushi's friends did that one year, had a hotel party. Apparently it was a big thing at the time or for that crowd. It was a lot of fun for her, and no cleaning up before or after for the hostess.

Good idea about taking my advice! I would probably just cut out squares. Getting the kids to decorate their own squares sounds like a great idea. You can just have it sewn together. You can back it with flannel if you want and tie it.

Another option is to cut the flannel the same size as the denim squares, sew the denim/flannel with the next block which has the denim and flannel layered, wrong sides together and leave the edge raw, like my flannel quilt. That makes a neat design too.

Or you could not back it at all, but it might look unfinished that way.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I think the raggedy-edge idea w/ flannel would be a wonderful solution; when that's done it's done... no edge finishing. My son stayed w/ the senior highs at an overnight lock-in at church last night...(He's an advisor) he's dragging today! Better him than me.