Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cleaning, Day Two

That is to say, today will be Day Two, once I get started. It is almost 12:00 PM, and all I've done is washed some dishes. It drives me crazy when everything is helter-skelter and I can't find things I want/need. But I'm not doing anything about it. So, here are my goals for today and I will report how I've done tomorrow:

The desk: my desk is a dumping place - I have never sat at it to get any work done. It really is a confusing place. I think it may take 1 1/2 hours to sort through and then find reasonable homes for all the things.

Goodwill run: I have several boxes of books that need to go somewhere else - not to mention clothing and other things. It will only take loading up and driving over, but I need to get it done.

Shelina asked in one of the comments about going to the dump. We live in the county here in Virginia and we don't have any public trash service. We could pay a company to come and take it away, but it's cheaper to do it ourselves. There is a "convenience station" about a mile away, so it's not too bad. There we can take household trash and recyclables. The dump is about five miles away and we can take other trash there.

So there are the details. I could write more, but that would mean I wouldn't be cleaning...

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