Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home Again

Going away is nice; coming home is great. Yesterday, the youngest came back from Scout camp and today we took him to church camp. He'll be exhausted but will have had fun.

South Carolina was good; lots of teacherly ideas to ruminate on before next school year. I am teaching a class of Fundamental Math, seventh graders. I want to make it fun so I've gotta think of a theme. Any ideas from blogger land?

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Shelina said...

The only ideas I have, I'm sure you already thought of, is to show real life applications to what you are teaching. So quilting and cooking, maybe budgeting and shopping, come to mind. It does seem like teachers are using more real life examples now, and not silly things like trains heading towards each other.

I saw a newspaper article (I have it somewhere still) that shows how each degree (high school, college, advanced) gets a person about $20,000 more income annually. That's something I would start off showing students if I were a teacher. Maybe with pictures of types of places people at different salary levels would live, so they can understand how much money that represents.