Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

We awoke this morning to ice on the snow, but thankfully not on the trees. My hubby printed out a card for me on the computer and a banner. I'm baking cakes and brownies right now to keep the males happy for the rest of the day. I even made pancakes this morning. Wow.

As I'm posting this blog, I'm talking to my sister on yahoo messenger. She just shared some pictures with me. I think this one is cute. The little girl is my sister's neighborhood buddy who came on our New Year's vacation with us at Burr Oak State Park in Ohio. The other kid is my J, who is ABSOLUTELY thrilled with decorating cupcakes with the youngster! LOL

My hubby has now broke his car free from the ice and snow. Life is getting back to normal (whatever that is.)

Hope you all are staying safe and warm!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Love those expressions! That's a keeper, have a great day and enjoy your snow and ice.

Faith said...

wow it is so interesting to read about all the snow and ice when there is nothing here in sheffield.


Shelina said...

You're making me hungry - cakes and brownies, and cupcakes and pancakes! Hope you had a good Valentine's Day. School is back on today, but they had Friday and Monday scheduled off!