Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well, that leftover bag of Valentine's chocolate...

may just be the thing that hindered me last night from following my new efforts in eating. Well, it's gone now - so no worries there! LOL

I have a new eating rule for myself - no eating after everyone has gone to bed. Seems simple, huh? Well, we'll see how it goes. It will work if I make it work.

I am really enjoying this new Bible study book from Donna Partow. Tonight's lesson was about quarreling with our Maker - trying to do things our own way. The big thing I took away from the lesson was that staying close to God is the easiest way to be shaped into what He wants me to be.

I took a walk last night before dinner - it was cool enough for a jacket. It was a nice short walk and I walked at the bottom of our steps and listened to the run-off stream flowing over rocks. It was a nice sound. I'll take a picture sometime and post it. It only flows strong after rain or snow is melting.

I could walk tonight but it's dark out. I had a cup of tea while I did my devotions and I am filled up - inside my tummy and in my heart.

Are you filled tonight?

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Shelina said...

I've done that - eat up the junk food so it isn't around to tempt me. LOL

Good for you for walking and not eating after everyone's gone to bed. I've been trying to avoid eating mindlessly after dinner. It turned out to be pretty easy once I made that decision. I was getting heartburn at night, and not eating close to bedtime has helped a lot.

I was curious about your needing a jacket. Here in February, we don't think about whether we need a jacket or not - we just grab it.