Friday, February 16, 2007

The Quiet of the Evening

Okay, it's not really quiet around here. But J is studying Bible Bowl, R is working on tax papers, and D is chatting to a GIRL on the phone. (Yes, a girl - don't panic.)

I got most of the stuff done today for a creative writing festival at school. I HATE taking care of something new - there's always something you forget to do or somehow you mess up. Oh well, it will be better next year if they let me do it again!

Most everyone around here in the city has broken out of the ice. Some people have taken chainsaws and pick axes to their ice blocks. I was very thankful to have R around to do the dirty work for me! :)

Our kid overnighter at the church had to be rescheduled. The parking lot was still covered with ice. Our theme was "Beach Blast," so it would have been fun in all this winter weather. We might do it next weekend.

Not much else to say today. I'm going to look to see if I can find some bulk eyelash yarn on the internet. I love the scarves that I can make from that. It doesn't take long to crochet them.

I wish it were warmer or at least not so much snow. I wanted to go geocaching this weekend. Oh well!

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Shelina said...

"(Yes, a girl - don't panic.)" And if you say it often enough, maybe you won't panic. LOL
Sushi has learned the power of instant messaging - keeps the parent more in the dark that way.

Yeah, geocaching might be hard this time of year. Chainsaws and ice picks! Send R this way - we need those things here. It is snowing again, and I hadn't cleared my walkway from the last time around!