Thursday, July 19, 2007

Almost Heaven, West Virginia...

Well, West Virginia is not very far away from us, but my mother-in-law and I are traveling to Clarksburg, West Virginia, which is about five hours away. We are leaving tomorrow morning for a baby shower on Saturday. My mother-in-law's niece is having twin girls.

I hope to do some geocaching while I'm gone. I'm basically going because she does not like to drive long distances like that. So we'll do a little road trip and have a good time.

I took my van in to the insurance adjuster for the OTHER guy. Apparently, there is some dispute over the accident so they were not ready to accept liability in the accident. The guy pulled out in front of me, for goodness' sake! I think the problem stems from the deputy who is a part-time guy. I don't think he ticketed the other driver. We may have to fight to get the van fixed. What fun!

Hope your weekend is going to be filled with great things!


Shelina said...

I hope you have an enjoyable safe journey. Have a great time in W VA. Also hope the insurance adjuster figures out the logic. Do you need to file a separate police report? Sometimes our police department asks for that - not quite sure what the point of calling the police is if you have to file a separate report yourself.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Sorry to hear about your run-in. Safe travels to W. Va!