Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Time and the Living is Easy?

Well, it's been an interesting time after getting back from Kansas. My mother-in-law has moved in so we're trying to consolidate two households into one. And it doesn't help that my house was a mess before! LOL It's coming together slowly.

I am doing my first tutoring of the summer tomorrow. It's actually for no pay because I donated five tutoring sessions to our school auction. But it should be fun. She's coming to the house - a rising second grader.

Did I write about my poison ivy yesterday? When we went caching in Kansas (or in Oklahoma) I must have finally succumbed to the poison ivy curse. I talked to my sister tonight, and she and her husband have it, too. I'm going to email my cousin and see if she's suffering as well. Oh well, the price you pay when you go play in the woods.

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Shelina said...

Did you get a lot of poison ivy? My mother had it all over her arm last year.

And this year someone at work got it for the first time, and it was all over his arm too. Since it was his first time, he found it fascinating, and made sure everyone got a chance to see it in all its stages!