Monday, July 9, 2007

Back from Kansas

Well, I'm back from Kansas and I'm going to try to get back to blogging! The trip to Kansas was a good one; I had a good time with my cousin who turned 50 while I was there. We did some geocaching and watched "Evan Almighty" in the theater. That was a great movie! Hope you all get a chance to watch it. We all need to be building our ARKs.

My mother-in-law is all moved in and has washed dishes twice today and made dinner. I'm about to get spoiled again, I think. She really is a nice woman, and I think she likes having her own space downstairs (living/bedroom combo.)

While in Kansas, my cousin taught me a new crochet square, so I'm working on a blanket for my husband's birthday (shhhhhhh... it's a surprise!) It is a square that looks like weaving. I will take a picture of it sometime and post it.

It is SOOOO nice not to be teaching summer school. I am going to be tutoring some this summer, but it's nice not to have the daily commitment.

Sorry there is nothing spectacular in this post, but at least I'm back in the swing of things. Have a great day!


Shelina said...

Welcome back! Did you take any pictures in Kansas? Can you send me your email address again? The one I have doesn't work.

I'm glad your MIL is settling in nicely. I'm sure it will be strange sharing your space, but they apparently are advantages!

I look forward to seeing the blanket.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Welcome back, know that you've been missed. I'm happy to know someone who's seen Evan Almighty and recommends it... my daughter wants to see it together. I'm eager to see the crochet.