Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Well, I wasn't here on Monday, but now I'm ready for the rest of the story. Hope you are!

The day after I prayed about not using my signing skills, I was talking to the first grade teacher. She knew I knew sign language. I had even taught a class at school. So she stops me in the hall and says (now, remember: this is the very next day!): "We have a deaf couple that want to come to church this Sunday (Mother's Day.) Can you interpret?"

Now, my mind went through quickly all the reasons why this was NOT a good idea: it had been a long time since I interpreted, I wanted to start small, I can't remember much - I've never even met them! But those were quick thoughts. I wasn't stupid (and I'm mostly not now.) When God plops an answered prayer right down in front of you, you're not supposed to pass it up.

And so, I went. Yes, my skills were rusty, and I had to do a lot of fingerspelling. But the couple was very patient, their little baby was as cute as a button, and after service, the woman asked me, "Are you going to be here every Sunday?"

Well, what do you say? I was actively involved in my own church in my hometown. This church was in West Virginia, 20 miles north. My family was involved at the other church; what was I to say?

So, of course I said yes. After a year of attending the worship service at the church in Winchester, I would hop into the car and drive 30 minutes to interpret at the service in the church in West Virginia (Cedar Grove.) After about a year of that, our family decided that God wanted us all to be an active part of Cedar Grove, and that's where we've been for five years. We've watched the little boy grow up, saw the addition of another member to their family. I still mess up and they are still so patient with me.

Sooooooo, what was it that goes around and comes around?

On Sunday, I stood in the hallway outside the auditorium. To my left, I see a 17 year old girl, with two college sign language classes, talking to the mom. Next to them stood the preacher's wife, talking to the dad.

I am so in awe of God that He would let me be a part of this circle. Hands are reaching out in love to share the gospel of Jesus and to share the hearts of the people. That's what it's all about.

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